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I’m confident what you discover will shave strokes off your score. I’m excited to hear your feedback. And more importantly your success stories. Please send them to me.

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Here’s a short list of what you’ll discover in this goldmine of “How to Break 90” instruction…

  • How to re-create the invisible enemies that knock your putts offline on the last roll
    (so you can overcome these obstacles and sink more putts)…

  • A clever way to create left-to-right or right-to-left breaking putts indoors
    (so you can practice more challenging putts even while you’re practicing at home)…

  • A simple putting stroke you can practice anywhere – even without a putter
    (hint: there are few check points so you can make sure you’re executing the stroke properly)…

  • Which is the best style of putter and the best grip to use (having confidence
    in your putter and your grip are critical to making more putts)…

  • Two basic chipping strokes you can use to get “up and down” more often.
    The “brush” stroke and the “strike” stroke. (Plus when to use each of them.)…

  • Chipping basics. The stance. The grip. Ball placement. You may be surprised to hear
    they are not always the same. It depends on the situation. And I’ll explain everything…

  • 3 fatal chipping mistakes made by most golfers who struggle to break 90.
    Stop making these 3 critical mistakes and watch you chipping improve and your scores fall…

  • How to simulate pressure in your practice sessions. Feel the same pressure as
    you do on the course when you’re putting for par. So you can succeed when it counts…

  • The only two shots you need (with an average short game) to break 90
    every time you tee it up. Mastering these two simple shots is the key to shooting in the 80s…

  • A simple blueprint for scoring a bogey or better on every hole
    (no matter whether it’s a short par 3, a long par 5, or something in between)…

  • And MUCH MORE…

I could go on because there’s much more. But if you haven’t already heard something that caught your attention, then this isn’t for you.

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Robert Phillips


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