The Sledgehammer Secret Revealed...

Don't Be Surprised to Add 20, 30, Even 50 Yards or More to Your Drives As Soon As You Discover the Key
to Swinging a Driver Properly. Your Playing Partners May Be Shocked and Ask You to Share Your "Secret"...

In plain English, the ONE FATAL SWING FLAW most golfers who struggle to break 90 make is using the small muscles of the wrists, fingers, and hands to swing the golf club. From personal experience, I can tell you this is the wrong approach. It instantly sabotages your swing of the power and distance you deserve.

Once my friend "Mr. Matty" explained the basics of the golf swing to me in plain English, everything changed quickly. Almost overnight, I started smashing the cover off the ball. And I'm confident you'll experience the same success once you apply the "sledgehammer secret." It's as simple as understanding the proper approach to swinging a golf club to produce maximum power and distance.

The correct approach is to use the bigger, stronger muscles of the back and shoulders. The key is to allow the weight of the club head to naturally hinge your wrists as I show in this video. Imagine swinging the driver (or any golf club really) as you would swing a sledgehammer. Unless you are as strong as Paul Bunyan or The Incredible Hulk, it is physically impossible to swing a sledgehammer with the small muscles of the hands, fingers, and wrists. Enjoy!

I look forward to hearing about your increased power and distance. Please send me your success story. Feel free to send your comments, ideas, or suggestions on this video or any other videos you'd like me to create. It doesn't matter if your feedback is good, bad, or ugly. All that matters is that your feedback is honest. You can reply to any email I send you or send an email message to me at: robert (at) break90over40golf (dot) com. Thanks!

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